2024 Presidential Candidate To Start Accepting Bitcoin Donations

  • The 2024 Presidential election candidate expressed solidarity with the Bitcoin community at the Bitcoin 2023 conference.
  • Kennedy has been vocal in his support for BTC, mining, and the broader crypto industry.

Top Democratic politician Robert Kennedy Jr. has announced that he will begin accepting Bitcoin donations for his political campaign in the run-up to next year’s Presidential general elections in the United States. Kennedy’s announcement will mark the first time in U.S. history that a Presidential election featured a political campaign that accepted crypto donations.

Robert Kennedy Jr. recently announced his candidature for the 2024 Presidential Elections in the U.S. His attendance at the Bitcoin 2023 Conference came as a surprise to most, given the regulatory concern surrounding crypto in the country. However, Kennedy added to the surprise by revealing that his campaign would start accepting BTC donations.

During his keynote speech at the conference, Kennedy described Bitcoin as a symbol of freedom that enshrines the spirit of democracy and freedom of expression. “Today, we show the world the power and the durability and the flexibility of Bitcoin…They’re passionate because of the deep representation of a deep need that we have for liberty and democracy and the promise that this innovation has to guarantee those virtues,” he added.

Speaking on his motivation for supporting Bitcoin, the Democratic politician revealed that he first realized the value and potential of Bitcoin when the Canadian government froze bank accounts to crack down on truck drivers that were protesting COVID-19 restrictions. According to him, the repression from the government showed him how “free money is as important to freedom as free expression.”

Earlier this month, Robert Kennedy Jr. criticized the Biden administration’s proposal to levy a 30% tax on the electricity used by crypto miners in the United States. The politician tweeted against the proposal, highlighting the importance of a diverse ecology of currencies in the country.

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