Accumulate Altcoins One Year Before Bitcoin Halving: Analyst

  • The crucial level of the altcoins market cap dominance coincides with Poppe’s accurate timing.
  • The current altcoins’ market cap dominance crucial area falls between 8.70% and 7.02%.

According to the renowned crypto analyst, and founder of Eight Global, Michael van de Poppe, the ideal time to accumulate altcoins is one year before the Bitcoin halving event. Based on this timeline, van de Poppe announced to his followers on Twitter that now is the right time to go long on altcoins.

Van de Poppe explained his analysis using historical data on altcoins’ market cap dominance. Sharing a screenshot of the chart, the analyst identified crucial areas from 2016 where the altcoin price behavior ahead of a Bitcoin halving has respected his prediction. Notably, van de Poppe’s current projection is reinforced by the crucial level of the altcoins market cap dominance, one year before the next Bitcoin halving.

Altcoins’ market dominance defines the proportion of crypto market capitalization attributed to altcoins. It is calculated by excluding Bitcoin’s market cap and calculating the percentage of the sum of the total altcoins market cap with the overall cryptocurrency market capitalization.

TradingView‘s data shows the altcoins’ market cap dominance as 8.95% as of the time of writing, having bounced off a local low of 8.70%, a level never tested since February 2021. From van de Poppe’s analysis, the current altcoins’ market cap dominance crucial area falls between 8.70% and 7.02%. He expects a reversal from this region resulting from the influx of capital into the altcoin market in a bullish run.

Van de Poppe did not specify any particular altcoin for the projected bull run. Instead, he suggested there could be several altcoins attracting investments that would push the altcoins’ market cap dominance to higher levels. He asked his Twitter followers which of the altcoins they would be accumulating.

Users expect the next Bitcoin halving to happen between April and May 2024. The event will reduce the current block rewards of 6.25 Bitcoins by half. After the halving event, Bitcoin miners will earn 3.125 Bitcoins as block reward for confirming transactions on the Bitcoin network.

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