ADA Hits Highest Cumulative Code; ADA Whale Explains In 25 Tweets

  • Inquisitive Emperor Osmo asks, “What are they building over there?”
  • ADA Whale replies with a 25-tweet-long Twitter thread on the latest Cardano updates.

Referring to Cardano’s native coin ADA’s high code commits, Twitter cryptocurrency researcher Emperor Osmo wondered what the Cardano ecosystem was building. To this, an ADA Whale responded with a 25-tweet-long thread that sparked conversations.

In Emperor Osmo’s Tweet he stated, “$ADA has the highest cumulative code commits” posting a graph that denoted Cardano to be the highest project with 106 cumulative code commits. Cardano is the highest among top 25 projects in all market sectors based on daily cumulative code commits.

Cardano is followed by Polkadot and Kusama, both of which have cumulative code commits at 75. When compared with Cardano, there is a vast gap between itself and the others. The response thread held Cardano’s latest updates referring to its vibrant ecosystem.

The ADA whale highlighted their minor and major news, L1+L2 upgrades, stats, Dapps, Spores Network Price (SPO), NFT, governance, community and more in the thread. It also included updates on the rise in native tokens, progress in more projects such as portfolio self-management platform, multi-transaction sending DApp, gamified NFT, and a hackathon.

The updates further included projects from across different sectors like banking, DeFi, RealFi, new wallets, and bridges among other ventures that are growing in the Cardano ecosystem. Apart from the updates within the Cardano network provided by the official ADA channel, many more projects were brought into the spotlight by other Twitter users.

One Twitter user enquired as to why there is no mention to VyFinance, another upcoming project in Cardano. The Twitter user had asked if there was something wrong with the project and why it lacked support, to which ADA Whale responded that they had been supporting the project from day one. As a justification to this almost-allegation, the ADA whale revealed, “I’m just an anon amateur doing this [All Things Cardano] in my free time.”

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