AllIN Concludes Kickstarter Campaign and Focuses on Further Growth

  • The team promised updates on its dApps and about going ALLCAPS.
  • Allin and STARL are collaborating to explore integrating real-world AI technology.

On Wednesday, the AI-focused blockchain project Allin announced the successful completion of its Kickstarter campaign and that the $ALLIN token is now available on one of the most prominent crypto exchanges, MEXC Global.

In a recent commentary on Twitter, the Allin team stated that they remain determined to scale up their marketing endeavors and broaden their horizons by adding more exchanges. In the coming weeks, the team aimed to refine its decentralized applications and boldly express its spirit with an ALLCAPS attitude.

The MEXC exchange listed the ALLIN token under the USDT trading pair, ALLIN/USDT, and made it available for trading on March 22. Additionally, deposits and withdrawal services for the ALLIN token are currently open on the MEXC exchange.

Furthermore, ALLIN is also listed on the popular decentralized exchange, Uniswap, and the market tracking platform, CoinMarketCap, with a decent market share of over $3.4 million. CoinMarketCap data suggests that the crypto traders bought and sold $251,680 worth of ALLIN in the last 24 hours, putting the price at $3.3136.

In other news, Allin was selected to build STARL’s Oracle-001 AI model earlier this month. Allin and STARL are collaborating to explore integrating real-world AI technology into the Metaverse to maximize engagement and match technology to the original storyline.

Allin aims to achieve innovation and growth by utilizing advanced AI algorithms, data analytics, and machine learning techniques. Additionally, the project aims to develop substantial community growth by building creative utility and tools on the blockchain.

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