Analyst Believes XRP’s Current Support Will Be Short-Lived

  • The analyst added that XRP’s price could drop to the support at $0.494.
  • At press time, XRP is trading hands at $0.5204 after a 0.36% price decrease.

Crypto trader and analyst TARA (@PrecisionTrade3)  posted on Twitter yesterday to share her thoughts about what the price of Ripple (XRP) could do in the coming days. According to the analyst, although XRP has decent support at $0.52, she believes it is very likely to be short-lived and the remittance token will likely follow Bitcoin (BTC) in a correction.

XRP / US Dollar 4h
XRP / US Dollar 4h (Source: Twitter)

The analyst added that she can even see XRP’s price drop to the support at $0.494. She also stated that it could still be too early to predict what XRPs’ price will do in the coming days, but traders should be prepared for a move either way.

At press time, XRP is still trading just above its support of $0.52. CoinMarketCap indicates that the altcoin is currently trading hands at $0.5204 after a 0.36% price decrease over the last 24 hours. The crypto’s small loss barely had an effect on its weekly performance as XRP is still up by more than 3% over the last seven days.

XRP’s drop in price led to the crypto weakening against BTC and Ethereum (ETH) by about 0.06% and 0.24% respectively over the last day. The altcoin’s 24-hour trading volume is in the red zone currently, and now stands at $644,077,656 after a decrease of more than 40% since yesterday.

XRP’s price drop means that its market cap currently stands at $644,077,656, which ranks it as the 6th biggest crypto in terms of market capitalization at press time. This places the remittance token right behind USD Coin (USDC) in the 5th position and in front of Cardano (ADA) which is ranked 7th.

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