Analyst: Corporate World Is Aggressively Adopting Crypto, Time to Buy

  • Black Rock partnered with Coinbase to launch its BTC trading service.
  • Other crypto-related collabs include Amazon x Avalanche, Microsoft x Ankr, and TencentGlobal x MultiversX.

Well-known crypto YouTuber Lark Davis believes now is the best time to accumulate cryptocurrencies as corporate crypto adoption is becoming increasingly significant. Davis listed some of the ten biggest companies getting into the crypto game with the comment, “get ready. What follows the 2024 BTC halving will blow people’s minds.”

The first on the list was Black Rock, the world’s largest asset manager having an astounding $10 trillion in Assets Under Management (AUM). According to the crypto YouTuber, Black Rock launched a private spot Bitcoin fund and partnered with the US-based crypto exchange, Coinbase, to launch its BTC trading service.

Davis featured Mastercard on the top ten list as the firm partnered with Immersve, a crypto payments protocol. The deal allows Web3 wallet owners in Australia and New Zealand to use crypto as payment everywhere Mastercard is accepted.

The third company was Mastercard’s close competitor, Visa, which works with WirexApp to offer crypto card services to US customers. Davis highlighted that Visa was moving the product into the Asia-Pacific and UK markets and that the card would become available in over 40 countries.

Notably, Meta, the parent company of Facebook, has chosen the Polygon blockchain as the network to host its new Instagram NFT feature. By implication, Instagram users can mint, showcase, and trade NFTs directly through the app.

Furthermore, Nike and Starbucks have also collaborated with the Polygon blockchain to launch an NFT service. Other significant crypto-related collaborations include Amazon x Avalanche, Microsoft x Ankr, and TencentGlobal x MultiversX.

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