Analyst Discloses Intricate Information About Do Kwon’s Arrest

  • Montenegro officials discover that Do Kwon had entered as an illegal immigrant.
  • Authorities confiscate electronic gadgets and two passports; Belgium and Korean from Kwon.

Twitter personality FatMan tweeted about a report from Bloomberg that covered the recent updates on the arrest made by Montenegro authorities of crypto fugitives Do Kwon and Han Chang-Joon, CFO of Terraform Labs.

In his tweet, FatMan offers three major highlights of the report. FatMan states that reportedly Do Kwon was being held in medical quarantine for COVID for an additional five days, that the Montenegro officials have gone through his phones and had found “very interesting,” information, and that Do Kwon had entered as an illegal immigrant, without an entry record.

According to the report, the authorities seized three laptops and five mobile phones along with a forged Belgium passport and a South Korean passport in another name. Rade Vojvodic, Head of Montenegro Correctional Facilities stated:

Do Kwon is being held in standard medical quarantine in Montenegro and will remain there to rule out coronavirus infection through April 3. He can be visited only by his lawyer or doctor.

Do Kwon and Han Chang-Joon were arrested on Thursday by Montenegro police at Montenegro’s Podgorica airport, while they were trying to fly to Dubai using falsified travel documents. They were detained to formally assess their identity.

The Montenegro Interior Minister Filip Adzic who had information that the two people could be in the country, said that they came into the country illegally as they were found to not be registered upon entry anywhere in Montenegro. He added, “Do Kwon and his companion acted especially surprised and they told our officials that elsewhere in the world they have been used to VIP treatment.”

Ever since the South Korean authorities issued a warrant for Do Kwon’s arrest, his whereabouts were the source of constant speculation. Subsequently, South Korean officials were looking for Kwon in Serbia. Additionally, the Minister said that they were found to have spent some time before then [the arrest] in an unspecified neighboring country.

Both the US Federal Prosecutors and South Korea have said they intend to seek Kwon’s extradition, however, Montenegro authorities say that they have not yet received any formal extradition request yet.

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