Analyst Talks About the 6 Altcoins That Can Shoot Up in Value

  • The channel talks about BTC, ETH, Tezos,, Cardano, RSS3, and Rune.
  • The host also talks about why he believes these coins could go up in price.

A recent video on the popular crypto YouTube channel Altcoin Daily speaks about Bitcoin and other altcoins in general, which he believes could go “insane.” The update comes from altcoins daily as the price of ETH has touched the $1,900 range for the first time since August 22.

Altcoin Daily showed a chart that elaborates on the path to AltSeason and states that the alts are in their own cycle. He also recommends his top six altcoin picks that everyone should be watching.

Apart from the crowd favorite Bitcoin and the second-largest cryptocurrency, Ethereum, Tezos is second on the list by altcoin daily. Tezos is a smart contract dApp platform that is competing with Ethereum. Tezos recently collaborated with Google, and it also released enshrined roll-ups on March 29, 2023.

Third on Altcoin Daily’s list is AI-focused is providing access to AI technology through a permissionless network that enables individuals to connect and securely access datasets using autonomous AI. recently raised $40 million to deploy decentralized machine learning. Basically, the platform is working on an execution layer of GPT models so that products like ChatGPT can connect messages to verifiable outcomes.

Cardano comes in fourth on the list as it is posing a direct threat to Ethereum with the new EVM integration. ADA blockchain has also emerged as one of the leading EVM chains in the cryptocurrency realm. According to the details, ADA users can use any EVM contract directly from their wallets.

Fifth on the list is RSS3. RSS3 envisions becoming Web3’s decentralized information processor. RSS is something that has been used in web2 forever. Now it is being built for the web3. The developers stated in February that the project could take six to eight months to launch.

THORChain is sixth on the list as it has recently reached a new milestone with over 70k wallets. Rune is the native token of THORChain, and with the lending feature coming soon, Rune burns will happen faster.

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