Ankr, Stacks, Floki, Filecoin, Tezos, Zilliqa: LunarCrash Ranks Coins

  • Microsoft partnered with Ankr to offer a node hosting service on Microsoft Azure Marketplace.
  • STX surged due to the arrival of the Ordinals protocol, while Filecoin’s rise may be attributed to the anticipation of the FVM launch.

LunarCrash tweeted a list of today’s top trending cryptocurrencies on the platform with Ankr ranking number one on the list. Followed by Ankr at $0.04960 with an increase of 49.5% was Stacks in the second position at $0.7326 growing at 11.9%.

Floki stood third at $0.00004367 rising by 8.6%, Moreover, Filecoin saw a rise of 6.8% in value trading at $8.375, ranking in the fourth position. Tezos occupied the fifth position with a value of $1.306 after a growth of 5.1%.

Lastly, Zilliqa ranked sixth with a 9.4% increase in value and a price worth $0.03575.

In other news, Microsoft announced a partnership with Ankr, a decentralized blockchain infrastructure provider, to offer a unique node hosting service on Microsoft Azure Marketplace. The collaboration also involves combining technology from both firms, merging Ankr’s blockchain infrastructure with Microsoft’s cloud solutions.

Meanwhile, The arrival of the Ordinals protocol has sparked a new narrative of NFTs and smart contracts on the Bitcoin blockchain, resulting in a surge of STX, the native token of Bitcoin layer 2 Stacks Network.

Additionally, Filecoin’s surge may be due to the anticipation of the coin’s FVM launch in March 2023. The FVM is a smart contract runtime environment on the Filecoin network, enabling user programmability and unlocking the potential of an open data economy.

According to recent news, Google Cloud will become a validator on the Tezos network, allowing corporate clients to build Web3 applications by deploying Tezos nodes, which store and validate transaction history on a blockchain.

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