AnubisDAO Liquidity Rug 3 Transfers $5.6M In Cryptocurrency Funds

  • The transaction was initiated from AnubisDAO Liquidity Rug 3’s address and sent to Wrapped Ether’s address.
  • The funds were later transferred to Tornado Cash via an intermediary address.

AnubisDAO Liquidity Rug 3 has reportedly transferred a significant amount of cryptocurrency funds. According to PeckShieldAlert, the transfer involved 3,000 $WETH, which is equivalent to approximately $5.6 million at current market value.

Etherscan reported a transaction with the hash 0x6d78fac5d2428513f2088e99343a55c8c56931fc8af95b4f8e940d6c27372a51 had taken place on the blockchain. The transaction originated from the address 0xB1302743ACF31F567e9020810523f5030942e211, associated with AnubisDAO Liquidity Rug 3. The transaction was sent to the address 0xC02aaA39b223FE8D0A0e5C4F27eAD9083C756Cc2, which is associated with Wrapped Ether.

Moreover, PeckShieldAlert shared that 3,000 $ETH, with an approximate value of $5.6 million, have been transferred from the AnubisDAO Liquidity exploiter to Tornado Cash. The transfer was made via an intermediary address, 0x0d195363672247fa0f2184f84617fd2108bb2bbb.

This is not the first time, AnubisDAO has been involved in suspicious fund transfers. In October 2021, investors alleged that the creators of the dog coin project had engaged in fraudulent activities and had collectively embezzled $60 million worth of ETH.

When the AnubisDAO project was launched, the team created a Discord server and a then-inactive Twitter account. Despite the absence of a website, investors still invested $60 million in the initial token sale in exchange for ANKH tokens.

However, after twenty hours into the sale, the liquidity in the pool was transferred to a different address.

Additionally. CNBC reported that one investor named Brian Nguyen claimed to have lost $470,000 in the AnubisDAO project. Nguyen stated that the project’s use of canine imagery for marketing initially attracted him, as it reminded him of the success of other meme coins like Dogecoin and Shiba Inu.

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