Ben Armstrong Criticizes US Senator Elizabeth Warren for Corrupt Act

  • Armstrong accuses Warren of perpetrating significant corruption against the crypto industry.
  • According to Armstrong, Warren portrays a misleading facade that deceives many people.

Ben Armstrong, the famous crypto investor and host of the YouTube channel BitBoy Crypto, has criticized the senior US Senator Elizabeth Warren over her role in the crypto industry. Armstrong accuses Warren of perpetrating significant corruption against the cryptocurrency industry. In a video uploaded on YouTube, Armstrong described Warren as one of the most corrupt politicians to step foot in Washington.

According to Armstrong, Warren portrays a misleading facade. One that deceives many people, especially those thinking she is working for the benefit of the crypto industry. Citing several irregularities, Armstrong insists Warren is corrupt and does all she can to destroy the crypto industry.

Her entire career is a warpath of half-truths and covered-up lies, and it’s time we put this to bed once and for all.


Armstrong cited an instance when Warren colluded with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Chair, Gary Gensler, and sent a list of questions for him to approve before an oversight hearing. According to reports, The Heritage Foundation Oversight Project obtained emails from Warren’s office to the Office of Chairman Gary Gensler two days before his senate testimony back in 2021.

The email was from Warren’s economic adviser and included a list of questions the senator planned to ask, along with suggested answers for the SEC Chair. The adviser also wrote, “Let me know if you’re okay with the questions as currently written.”

Armstrong noted that Warren rigged the deck against her constituents instead of performing her legislative duties of using the oversight hearing to hold Gensler accountable. He thinks that singular act was enough for the senior senator to lose her job.

Armstrong cited several other instances in Warren’s personal life where he thinks she was consistent with corrupt practices. He believes her reputation as a politician isn’t clean, and she is one of those working against the development of cryptocurrencies.

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