Binance’s NFT Generator Caps Out In Two Hours After Launch

  • Marketplace users can create computer-generated images and mint them as NFTs.
  • NFTs generated from Bicasso are limited to 10,000 mints.

Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao (CZ) announced the launch of a new Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered Non-Fungible Token (NFT) platform, called Bicasso, in a Twitter post. He added that the product was in beta version and was limited to 10,000 mints.

Sharing the launch of Bicasso on Wednesday, Zhao tweeted, “Here’s a fun new Binance AI product called Bicasso.” Binance’s product Bicasso is an NFT platform that allows marketplace users to create computer-generated images and mint them as NFTs. Bicasso is the result of combining AI and NFT technology.

“Beta version [is] live now,” said the Binance executive as he provided the link to Bicasso which was accessible only via the web browser. Bicasso was easy-to-use as the product was image and word-prompted.

“You can turn your creative visions into NFTs with AI,” said Zhao as he urged his Twitter community to go ahead and try out Bicasso. Zhao invited his followers to share their creations with him by saying, “Give it a try and show me what you make with it.” Many Twitter users were seen proudly publishing their creations on the thread.

However, some users were met with an error message that stated that the system was busy and to try again. As these users pointed the issue out to CZ, he responded, “The team’s on it. The AI is busy,” and that the AI was single-threaded.

CZ had also mentioned that the test version was limited to 10,000 mints, and many enthusiasts were disappointed at missing out on the opportunity. Two hours after the Binance CEO announced the product test, users who were interested in using Binance’s Bicasso were prompted to join a waitlist. A message now states that the product test is closed.

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