Bloxmith Launches Raiders Rumble on FLOW with $120K Prize Pool

  • Raiders Rumble will host Flow-sponsored tournaments from March 23 to 31.
  • The total prize pool for the winners is valued at $120,000 worth of FLOW.

Web3 gaming studio Bloxmith announced the beta launch of its Raiders Rumble, a 1v1 squad battler mobile game, on the Flow blockchain, which could contribute to the blockchain’s goals of mass adoption.

As part of their launch and collaboration with the Flow network, Raiders Rumble will host Flow-sponsored bonus tournaments from March 23 to 31, where players will have the opportunity to win FLOW tokens. The total prize pool for the winners is valued at $120,000 worth of FLOW.

Elaborating on their collaboration with the Flow blockchain network, Bloxmith’s co-founder and CEO Wayne Lee was quoted saying:

We are delighted to be working on the Flow blockchain – it solves the scalability problem for games and digital collectibles. With frictionless onboarding, social logins, and familiar payment methods, Flow is built from the ground up to make it easier for mainstream users and brands to transition from Web2 to Web3.

Moreover, Lee hopes to bridge the gap between tradition and Web3 gamers through the launch of their mobile strategy game, Raiders Rumble. The mobile Web3 game is strategy-based, where users make decisions to counter their opponent’s moves.

A spokesperson for Raiders Rumble explained that the game offers a daily rotation of tournament modes where the top 50 percent of participants can win in-game items or, Raiders Rumble’s native token — RUMB tokens.

Furthermore, Raiders Rumble will allow users to play the game even if they don’t own a crypto wallet or NFTs, opening the world to everyone. This knocks down another limitation faced in the Web3 gaming world where users must have a crypto wallet or own an NFT in most games.

While the community is experiencing aftershocks from FTX’s crash and crypto winter, they continue to remain positive about the Web3 gaming industry’s development. The community expects Web2 gaming studios to dive into the Web3 world in 2023, thus, further pushing the adoption.

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