BNB Chain, Avalanche, NEO: Top China-Related Coins On Binance

  • BNB Chain in partnership with Google Cloud was ranked number one on the list.
  • Avalanche followed right after, in partnership with Alibaba Cloud.

Founder and CEO of AltCryptoTalk, Sjuul tweeted a list of all the China-related coins on Binance as part of “China’s Reopening Theme – Binance listed project,” updated as of January 27. The rankings were curated by and mentioned BNB Chain and its partnership with Google Cloud at the top of the list.

Avalanche was in the second position in partnership with Alibaba Cloud, followed by EOS built on the China mobile chain. Moreover, NEO ranked in the fourth position as a provider of the BSN China NFT framework.

In the fifth position was Phoenix in collaboration with Wechat. Audius partnered with Tik Toc and Qtum with Qihoo360 made the list, accordingly.

According to the image shared, Conflux under the leadership of Ming Wu was also listed in partnership with XiaohongShu, in addition to investment from Shanghai’s local government. It also highlighted that Tron scored a partnership with the National Development and Reform Commission and was included in the list.

The top tenth rank was won by Ontology in partnership with Zaico. Meanwhile, Vechain joined the China Animal Health and Food Safety Alliance and made the eleventh position through a grand partnership with Walmart China.

Moreover, Arpa, Nervos Network, Algorand, EOS, and Oasis Network, had all made the list. QuarkChain in a partnership with the Provincial Government of China was also listed on the Binance dashboard.

Finally, BitTorrent, SingularityNET, aelf, and Theta appeared on the list in collaboration with Huawei, Ping-on, Huawei Cloud, and Tencent Games, respectively.

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