Bullish Trends are Highly Manipulated, Says Crypto Analyst

  • The trader reiterated that the move from the bearish lows is highly manipulated.
  • He added that he has taken a break from the social space, enjoying his personal life.

An anonymous crypto trader and analyst, under the pseudonym il Capo of Crypto, after a short break from Twitter, returned with an update on the “bull traps” to the vast majority of his “genuine and good” followers. The analyst commented that the move from the bearish lows is highly manipulated, especially with BUSD and USDC.

Notably, on March 19, CryptoCapo shared a Twitter thread asserting that he still “remains bearish and fully out of the market”:

Significantly, the trader reflected on the “Twitter noises” that have been surrounding him over the past few weeks, regarding his analysis and predictions on the “clearly manipulated” upward thrust in the crypto space, and his subsequent long days of silence.

The tweeter added:

This time away from Twitter has been very good and necessary. I’m totally fine, enjoying my personal life. Thank you to everyone who has shown interest.

Previously, on February 17, the trader came forward with a long message to his covetous opponents, reminding them that “respect is everything”. It was added that though the market is seemingly bullish, the people resent it a lot because they are “afraid of losing”.

While making occasional appearances on Twitter, the trader reiterated that it’s not the right time to invest and that he’s not buying. Even he informed his followers that he is away from the public space just to avoid the “Twitter negativity”.

On January 9, the trader tweeted regarding the lack of any “bullish confirmation”, explaining:

However, there’s not a single bullish confirmation yet. Just look. It’s there, right before your eyes. A bearish trend is intact. Bitcoin and most of the market are testing broken supports as resistances. We have seen this over and over.

Interestingly, the community’s comments on his tweets are a piece of evidence of their trust and love for him. There were tweeters who completely supported him while some strongly requested him to return.

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