Cardano’s Latest Update Node 8.0 — Continuation of the Protocol Version

  • The Cardano CEO added that node 8.0 would be a continuation of the protocol version.
  • Hoskinson also talked about the blockchain’s congestion control feature, referring to a previous blog post.

Charles Hoskinson, the American entrepreneur and CEO of the blockchain platform Cardano released his new video updating the progression of the Cardano Improvement Proposals (CIP) – 1694, stating that the next node update would be node 8.0, “a continuation of the protocol version”.

Notably, the Cardano CEO titled his latest video “Okonomiyaki”, the name of a Japanese dish that literally means “a little bit of everything grilled”. He explained that in using the term, he believes that it is a “good roll-up term for discussing a few things at the same time”.

Significantly, Hoskinson talked about the efforts that the Cardano team has been engaged in for the past few months in the successful implementation of node 8.0. However, there remain a few more procedures for the complete accomplishment of the project.

It is to be noted that the CIP is a “formalized design for the Cardano community and the name of the process by which such documents are produced and listed”. The official page of the Cardano blockchain explains CIP as follows:

A CIP provides information or describes a change to the Cardano ecosystem, processes, or environment concisely and in sufficient technical detail. In this CIP, we explain what a CIP is; how the CIP process functions; the role of the CIP Editors; and how users should go about proposing, discussing, and structuring a CIP.

Apart from the discussions on node 8.0, Hoskinson narrated a wide range of Cardano-related topics, including congestion control, a vital feature ensuring that “the system is robust enough while operating high workloads”. He referred to a Cardano blog post published in 2021, which details the congestion control feature.

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