Charles Hoskinson Shares Doctor’s Video About AI In Medicine

  • According to Prasad, the AI software can create a two-page summary of key relevant studies and patient status.
  • “ChatGPT can provide clinical recommendations better than the average doctor but lacks rigorous research abilities,” says Prasad.

YouTuber and physician Vinay Prasad recently uploaded a video discussing how ChatGPT will impact the field of medicine. Cardano’s founder Charles Hoskinson also shared the video with his followers on Twitter starting a conversation about AI in healthcare.

In the video, Prasad expresses that he supposes that ChatGPT will be able to pull all the structured patient data that already exists into a template within seconds at the time of a visit, and it will “sketch out most of the notes,” while the healthcare professional will have to add the new data.

The MD also suggests that the AI software will most likely help experts formulate the plan based on imaging, laboratory results, and additional inputs. More importantly, it can also turn huge charts and data into a two-page summary or “Wikipedia page” of key relevant studies and the patient’s current status with trackable edits.

On the other hand, Prasad shared that when it comes to research, ChatGPT doesn’t deliver “rigorous” ideas, and instead synthesizes available data on the internet and expresses it via a “centrist” lens.  However, ChatGPT will serve as a democratized medical writer for everyone, according to the YouTuber.

Prasad also adds that, while ChatGPT is not as good as the “best doctors” available globally, the software is capable of making clinical recommendations better than the “average doctor.”

Only the most clever doctors will be able to consistently beat ChatGPT.

Moreover, Prasad notes that ChatGPT will remove the “analytical thinking” pillar of medicine and provide the most efficient solutions.

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