Coinbase Intends to Integrate Bitcoin Lightning Network; Says CEO

  • The Coinbase CEO tweeted that his twitter posts get cleared automatically once every six months.
  • Armstrong’s tweet was a response to Wicked’s concerns about the former’s silence on Bitcoin.

Latest revelations suggested that the leading crypto platform Coinbase intends to “integrate” Bitcoin Lightning Network, to make Bitcoin transactions cheaper and faster.

On April 9, Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong posted a Twitter note declaring “Lightning is great and something we’ll integrate”:

Notably, Coinbase CEO’s message was a response to the post of the popular Twitter figure, the Bitcoin enthusiast under the pseudonymous name Wicked. The tweeter claimed that Brian Armstrong has been actively avoiding Bitcoin.

In addition, Wicked, after scrutinizing the Twitter page of the Coinbase CEO, pointed out that he has “not even once” written about Bitcoin. The tweeter also shared a link that shows that the search history of Bitcoin on Armstrong’s page took him to a void page, proving that he has never tweeted about bitcoin.

Nonetheless, when Amstrong replied that his page would automatically clear all the data once in six months, Wicked conveyed his gladness in receiving the response. Together with the message, he posed a concern to know why Armstrong has been ignoring his messages regarding Lightning Networks, while he commented on other topics; so far, Armstrong hasn’t responded.

Interestingly, the blockchain architect MartyParty dropped a line on his official Twitter page, stating “Brian Armstrong says Coinbase is integrating the Bitcoin Lightning Network”:

Significantly, the lightning network has been discovered to improve the easiness of Bitcoin as a cryptocurrency. As the network uses a smart contract for off-blockchain payments, the transfer would become easier and more instant.

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