Coinbase May Relist XRP If Ripple Wins Lawsuit Against SEC

  • The executive discussed various ongoing issues including the federal crackdown on the crypto industry.
  • Grewal stated that relisting XRP is a possibility if Ripple wins the lawsuit against the SEC.

Paul Grewal, the Chief Legal Officer of American crypto exchange Coinbase, recently appeared in an interview with Thinking Crypto. In the interview, the Coinbase executive hinted that relisting XRP may be possible in the event that the verdict in Ripple’s legal battle against the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) goes in the former’s favor.

During the interview, Grewal discussed various topics including Coinbase’s token vetting process, the current regulatory environment in the United States, the recent crackdown on crypto, and the controversial attack on crypto staking, among several others.

Grewal, who also serves as the American exchange’s corporate secretary, lauded Ripple’s legal team for the defense they had mounted against the SEC in the lawsuit. “The defendants in that case have done a masterful job of pushing the SEC and raising serious questions about the SEC’s entire theory that undergirds the case,” he added.

The Coinbase executive believes that there are serious issues with the theories put forward by the wall street regulator, and is hoping that the court identifies the same. When asked if Coinbase would relist XRP and restart its trading should Ripple win the case, Grewal stated that it is a possible scenario.

However, the Chief Legal Officer added that such a move would be contingent on the basis for the ruling, the judge’s legal reasoning, and the overall confidence in the verdict. Grewal made it clear that the verdict of the trial court will not be the end of the lawsuit. He believes that the case has a high likelihood of being appealed.

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