Court Withholds Babel’s Proposal for Creditor Protection Extension

  • The court asked for producing more clarity on the restructuring plan, considering the objections of Deribit.
  • Deribit requested to appoint Alvarez & Marsal as independent advisers to monitor the plan.

Flex Yang, the former CEO and founder of the crypto finance service provider Babel Finance proclaimed that the company’s proposal for the extension of creditor protection has been withheld by the Singapore court. He added that the court has asked to provide more clarity to the restructuring plan, considering the objections put forward by the company creditor Deribit.

Specifically, Babel Finance has proposed a restructuring plan that intends to choose new strategies to pay back to the creditors. According to the plan, the company hopes to repay the creditors using the revenue generated by a new decentralized finance project minting called the “Babel Recovery Coins”.

Notably, the leading Bitcoin and Ether derivatives exchange for options and futures trading, Deribit, requested to appoint the global professional services firm, Alvarez & Marsal as an independent advisor to surveil the restructuring plan.

Previously, in June 2022, following the fall of the crypto firm Terra Labs, Babel Finance ceased withdrawals claiming that the platform had “unusual liquidity pressures”.

Later, on March 6, 2023, the lender filed a moratorium extension with the intention to “allow the restructuring efforts made by Babel Finance in the past few months to come to fruition” and thereby prevent the creditors to make claims at least during the period.

Significantly, Flex who has been away from Babel Finance since 2021 and returned to scrutinize the company’s restructuring plans, pointed out that the company owes more than $750 million to the creditors. He added that the current moratorium of the company would end on April 5 and an interim moratorium has been granted by the court till the next hearing date on April 17.

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