“Craig Wright Sues Everybody,” Says Hoskinson During His AMA

  • Hoskinson shrugs off Craig’s accusation and calls it futile.
  • An announcement was made on the launch of a new decentralized exchange (DEX) that will run on a layer 2 solution.

Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson held a Surprise Ask Me Anything (AMA) session to which Tamara Hassan, President of IO was invited as a guest. The two were seen speaking about several topics related to cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

The host of the show, Hoskinson, and guest Hassan were seen answering questions asked by the viewers on Hoskinson’s YouTube live. One such viewer’s question was, “Will Craig Wright be getting a Xmas present from you this year?” to which Hoskinson replied, “This is a need for crypto media or crypto podcasts to create drama by giving some inflammatory gas.”

Citing a podcast interview incident that happened to Hoskinson, he explains how the media picks up topics of the crypto feud. When talking about an interview given by Wright, Hoskinson quotes, “Craig always says the same thing, that Charles is a scammer”, adding that Wright thinks everybody is a scammer. Subsequently, this remark was tweeted to Hoskinson by a podcaster to whom Hoskinson said he replied, “I don’t care.”

When the podcaster had invited Hoskinson to speak up about this rebut, Hoskinson goes on to say that the best case scenario is, “no one cares” and the worst case scenario is that Wright sues him. Furthermore, Hoskinson says, “It’s such a nuisance dealing with this guy [Wright]!” Hoskinson explains that it is like fighting somebody made out of molten tar, that even if you win the fight, the tar never comes off.

Hoskinson says that we should focus on things of value. Furthermore, his guest, Hassan also adds to this by saying, “It’s not going to add any value to anybody, not the people who are watching either.” However, she suggests that a discussion between Hoskinson and Vitalik would be very interesting and would have substantial things to say. Hoskinson agreed to this saying that there are plenty of productive ways to engage with Vitalik.

During the YouTube live, a major announcement on the launch of a new decentralized exchange (DEX) that will run on a layer 2 solution was made. The DEX will also integrate several popular DeFi protocols, providing users with a seamless experience for trading, lending, and borrowing.

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