Crypto Analyst Believes ETH Price Will Reach $10k by 2025

  • Many in the crypto community believe that $10k is a possibility for ETH in the future.
  • ETH is currently trading hands at $1,858.53 after a 1.11% price increase.

Crypto analyst and published author Chris Burniske took to Twitter this morning to share his thoughts about the largest altcoin by market cap, Ethereum (ETH). In the post, Burniske shared his shock that there are still people in the cryptocurrency community doubting the potential of ETH even though the price of the digital asset has steadily been on the rise since its inception.

Burniske stated in his post: “For the haters that have been negative on ETH at $1, $10, $100, and $1,000, but refuse to let data change their view, see ya at ETH $10,000.” The analyst did, however, add that he does not believe that altcoin will reach this $10,000 target within the next few months, but is certain it will be a reality for ETH by 2025.

Judging from the responses to this post, it seems like many people in the crypto community are inclined to agree with Burniske. Some ETH fans even go as far as to say that the altcoin could reach $10,00 as soon as 2023.

CoinMarketCap indicates that ETH is currently trading hands at $1,858.53 after a 1.15% price increase over the last 24 hours. The altcoin’s weekly performance is also looking rather positive as ETH is up by more than 2% over the last seven days.

At the moment, ETH’s 24-hour trading volume is in the green zone, and stands at $6,023,388,838 after a more than 10% increase since yesterday. In terms of market cap, ETH stands at $224,007,618,828.

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