Crypto Analyst: Metaverse, GameFi Crucial for Next Bull Cycle

  • The analyst has his focus on APE, MANA, PYR, SAND, AXS, ILV, ALICE, and RLB.
  • Tony’s followers are also focusing on PLD, SENSO, DYP, BOMMER, WILD, DONS, and ZIL.

Metaverse and GameFi will be crucial in the next bull cycle, says crypto and NFT investor Crypto Tony. In a recent tweet, Tony told his followers his focus is on APE, MANA, PYR, SAND, AXS, ILV, ALICE, and RLB.

Tony is an intraday cryptocurrency trader and analyst famous for his regular posts and trade alerts. He is renowned for sharing chart screenshots of his analysis, telling his followers about his plans, and offering them precise trading targets.

In the recent tweet where he revealed the altcoins he is watching out for, Tony asked his followers to mention other tokens they think will partake in the anticipated rally of the next bull cycle. Some tokens they listed include PLD, SENSO, DYP, BOMMER, WILD, DONS, and ZIL.

A closer observation of the tokens suggested by Tony’s followers shows they are predominantly tokens with relatively low market caps and tokens with large communities. These two factors have been part of the fundamental indicators that traders consider when speculating in the altcoin market, especially during periods of anticipated volatility.

Many crypto users expect a bull cycle to kick in soon, given how close we are to another Bitcoin halving event. Historically, the halving event triggers market volatility and generates an overall upside momentum that pushes many cryptos to new price levels. The duration of the event’s impact usually spans several months on both sides of the actual halving date.

Although past performance does not guarantee future results, users still anticipate that a bull cycle is imminent, especially considering how the crypto market developed in early 2023.

Bitcoin surged from the first day of the year and gained over 80% during the rally. The price rally dragged the rest of the market along and has slowed down in what several analysts consider a consolidation. Tony thinks the bull run will continue, and the altcoins he listed will play significant roles by embarking on recognizable rallies.

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