Crypto Analyst Picks Top Three Altcoins For the Next Rally

  • Turner said there have been numerous developments around Algorand in the last couple of years.
  • The analyst thinks Lido could solve the ongoing regulatory confusion and the SEC’s clampdown on staking.

Guy Turner, a renowned crypto analyst with Coin Bureau, has shared a list of the top three altcoins he expects to rally significantly in the coming months. Turner names Algorand, Thorchain, and Lido Finance as the top three picks in a video interview uploaded on YouTube.

Turner clarified that all three altcoins he mentioned are still under observation, noting that he is not actively trading any altcoins, but studying the markets and paying close attention to the listed digital tokens.

According to Turner, he picked Algorand as a potentially profitable investment based on the numerous developments around the project in the last couple of years. He described Algorand as an “interesting” project with a large market capitalization.

One of the significant developments on Algorand that Turner identifies is the State Proof upgrade, which he believes has significantly improved the scalability of the network. Turner noted that the team behind the Algorand project impresses him, including Silvio McCauley, a professor at MIT and others from MIT, whom he believes are closely connected to powerful people in the U.S.

Turner also acknowledged that the Algorand team is working with various governments to solve their transactional issues and to find a lasting solution to the blockchain trilemma of security, scalability, and decentralization.

Next on Turner’s list is Thorchain, the decentralized cross-chain liquidity protocol that allows users to swap assets between blockchain networks. Turner believes that Thorchain’s role as a tool that enables interoperability is crucial for the crypto industry. Hence, he expects the protocol to play a crucial role in the overall development of the cryptocurrency network.

The third altcoin Turner identified is Lido. He believes the liquid staking protocol could solve the ongoing regulatory confusion and the SEC’s clampdown on staking. He thinks that liquid staking could be a big niche in the future and the way out for investors outside the centralized staking protocols who are currently facing challenges from the U.S. government.

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