Crypto Influencer Claims Fraudulent Devs Are ‘Draining’ Small DAOs

  • FatMan is accusing fraudulent developers like Tobias Andersen of draining the Terra Classic community pool.
  • Andersen is also accused of manipulating & threatening to “keep his large salary coming in.”

In a recent tweet, crypto influencer FatMan disparaged Tobias Andersen, a supposed crypto influencer, suggesting that Terra’s community pool is “continually being drained” by fraudulent developers such as him.

In his tweet, FatMan, a self-proclaimed cryptocurrency and finance researcher, refers to the state of small DAOs within the cryptocurrency industry as being “miserable,” making two possible accusations. Firstly, he alleges that the Terra Classic community pool is facing challenges as a result of fraudulent developers such as Tobias Andersen submitting false spending proposals based on false information or credentials.

Secondly, he accuses Tobias Andersen of manipulating and using falsified information to continue to keep his “large salary coming in.”

This was in response to a series of rather heated tweets against Tobias Andersen, who seemingly lied about being offered a job as an Engineering Manager by Confio, a blockchain solutions company mainly involved in web and mobile app development.

Confio was quick to rebuff Tobias Andersen’s claims, suggesting that no final decisions have been made and that the position is still available.

Particularly, the tweets have only highlighted how fraudulent and unethical practices, manipulation, etc., continue to taint the crypto industry, an industry known for being unregulated. This is especially true with Terra, given the number of controversies surrounding it and its crash in May 2022.

Notably, stablecoin Terra and its sister coin, LUNA, crashed in early May 2022, nearly wiping out almost an estimated half a trillion USD from the cryptocurrency markets. The crash has since been a topic of much scandalous debate.

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