Crypto Influencer Faces Continuous Backlash for Memecoin Promotion

  • BitBoy Crypto continues promoting BEN Coin, calling it more than just a memecoin.
  • The crypto community’s comments range from calling BitBoy Crypto a ‘scammer’ and a ‘marketing genius.’

The backlash continues against Crypto Influencer Ben “BitBoy Crypto” Armstrong and his new project, BEN Coin. The project was a meme token that Armstrong joined on May 9, 2023. After that, he continuously promoted the coin on his social media accounts.

Most notable of this backlash comes from On-chain sleuth, ZackXBT. On Twitter, ZackXBT posted a 17-part thread detailing instances where Armstrong had allegedly promoted scam projects. Furthermore, ZackXBT highlighted cases of alleged plagiarism and art theft.

Similar criticisms of Armstrong’s promotion of the BEN Coin have been made by other crypto netizens. Some have claimed that they will never support the coin; others implore the crypto community not to ‘fall for these traps’; while most of the community has simply mocked Armstrong’s extreme claim of ‘If you are against $BEN, you are against crypto. Period.’

This recent spike in criticism is a result of Armstrong tweeting an update regarding the direction of BEN Coin. According to Armstrong, BEN Coin will not be a memecoin, and will instead be a ‘crypto adoption tool’.

Other crypto-netizens, on the other hand, have expressed support for Armstrong’s BEN Coin. His supporters claim that Armstrong is capitalizing on the ‘memecoin bullrun,’ and call him a ‘marketing genius’. Armstrong has quote tweeted this, and his supporters have rallied to his replies.

On May 9, Armstrong announced his official involvement with the BEN Coin team. Armstrong claimed that the project will work to bring positive attention and awareness to support crypto usage and adoption. However, this announcement led to negative remarks from Ripple CTO David Schwartz, and Crypto Influencer and Former Co-Founder of Dogecoin, Billy Markus.

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