Crypto Influencer vs. FTX Lawsuit: The Twitter Feud Heats Up

  • Specifically, BitBoy Crypto aims most of his contempt for Adam Moskowitz, the lawyer handling the FTX lawsuit.
  • On March 15, a class action lawsuit was filed claiming $1 billion in damages against YouTube Influences who promoted FTX.

Ben “BitBoy Crypto” Armstrong, a prominent crypto influencer, expressed his continued outrage with the FTX lawsuit involving him and other YouTube Influencers. Armstrong has tweeted about the lawsuit and his planned countersuit since March 15. Recently he shared with his Twitter followers that he’s talked to lawyers regarding the matter.

Armstrong has mainly targeted the FTX lawsuit’s lawyer, Adam Moskowitz. In his most recent tweet, he expressed his contempt for Moskowitz and threatened to have his license revoked. Previously, Armstrong also urged his followers to leave reviews on The Moskowitz Lawfirm, stating that the firm was harmful to the cryptocurrency community.

Similarly, Kevin “Meet Kevin” Paffrath tweeted about the lawsuit, insulting the attorneys involved. Paffrath explained that referrers are not the same as sellers and that they are not liable for a seller defrauding individuals. Armstrong quoted Paffrath, expressing his shared disdain for the lawyers for accusing him of promoting FTX despite the fact that he never promoted FTX on his BitBoy Crypto brand.

Since the March 15 lawsuit, Armstrong has constantly belittled the claims against him. Armstrong claimed the lawsuit was based on lies, labeled the plaintiffs and lawyers as “low IQ,” repeatedly called Adam Moskowitz and Edwin Garrison names, and accused them of defamation.

On March 15, Plaintiff Edwin Garrison filed a class action lawsuit claiming $1 billion in damages against YouTube Influencers who promoted FTX. These influencers include Ben Armstrong, Kevin Paffrath, and other Crypto YouTubers.

Notably, famous YouTuber Lawyer LegalEagle pointed out that the lawsuit was a “copy and paste job” of a previous FTX-related claim. The lawsuit involved the same lawyers, plaintiffs, and claims from a past Influencer lawsuit involving celebrities such as Tom Brady.

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