Crypto Influencer Gets Called Out For Conflicting Bitcoin Outlook

  • Crypto traders have accused Kang of changing bias after the market peaked.
  • Kang has claimed that the Chinese narrative will return in the second quarter to pump Chinese coins.

Popular crypto influencer Andrew Kang has been called out by fellow influencers and crypto traders on Twitter for his conflicting opinions on the Chinese narrative. Criticism for Kang poured in after he shared his views on Bitcoin’s potential price action in light of the Chinese narrative.

Andrew Kang took to Twitter on Thursday to comment on Bitcoin’s potential to push up. He claimed that following the upward momentum over the past two months, the Bitcoin pool has gotten crowded. According to him, “For market to go higher, [it] first need[s] more people to go back to the sidelines.”

The influencer claimed that bullish momentum was over for the first quarter of the year and that he would open long positions on Bitcoin once its price reached the $20,000-$21,000 level, in line with the Chinese narrative. Critics did not hold back while telling Kang about his ill-informed plan to long BTC, which would eventually end in his positions getting liquidated.

The Chinese narrative was eventually abandoned by Kang, following a considerable downturn in BTC. Fellow influencer and trader crimea COIN took issue with Kang’s sudden silence on China. “You saw a divergence on a chart after bull-posting the top and then China just disappeared or what?” he tweeted earlier today.

According to the critic, Andrew Kang started shilling the Chinese narrative to his followers after mid-February, when his portfolio had reportedly peaked thanks to the market rally at the time. Kang defended his position by pointing out that the Chinese flow had slowed down after pumping Chinese coins up to 10x. He further claimed that the narrative will return in the second quarter of 2023.

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