Crypto Influencer Unrepentant as Law Firm Files Harassment Claims

  • On March 20, Adam Moskowitz and his Law Firm filed a Status Conference regarding BitBoy Crypto’s harassment.
  • The Status Conference relates to the ongoing FTX Lawsuit filed against Crypto Influencers including BitBoy Crypto.

Ben “BitBoy Crypto” Armstrong is unrepentant of his actions toward Adam Moskowitz and The Moskowitz Law Firm. On March 20, Adam Moskowitz and The Moskowitz Law Firm filed a Status Conference regarding Ben “BitBoy Crypto” Armstrong’s harassment towards him and the firm. Moskowitz submitted the document alongside testimonies and screenshots showcasing Armstrong’s harassment actions.

Ben Armstrong has made it clear that he is not regretful for his actions in response to the Status Conference request. Armstrong addressed the document on his Twitter, reinforcing his claim of enforcing legal action against Moskowitz and his Law Firm. Furthermore, Armstrong tweeted “Relentless and no remorse” about a tweet revealing his email to Adam Moskowitz.

The Status Conference Request document included three materials: a Declaration of Lorenza Ospina (a Paralegal at the Moskowitz Law Firm), Screenshots of an Email from Ben Armstrong to Adam Moskowitz, and Ben Armstrong’s Tweets.

Lorenza Ospina shared details about receiving vulgar and threatening phone calls and emails at The Moskowitz Law Firm. Ospina detailed that on March 17, between 1:04 PM and 1:43 PM, she received 21 anonymous calls. Furthermore, Ospina received 3 threatening voicemails. Finally, she received threatening emails via the law firm’s “Form Submission” page.

Additionally, the document included an email from Ben Armstrong to Adam Moskowitz. In detail, Armstrong sent an email containing many expletives and name-calling toward Moskowitz. Notably, the email was in response to a January 11 email by Armstrong himself, professionally requesting a meeting with Moskowitz.

Finally, the document included screenshots of Ben Armstrong’s public tweets from his BitBoy Crypto Twitter account. The screenshots contained, among other things, memes, insults from Armstrong, and a statement for his followers to leave reviews for The Moskowitz Law Firm.

In detail, a Status Conference is a meeting between all parties involved in a lawsuit and a judge. The purpose of a Status Conference is to discuss matters regarding the lawsuit, such as disputes, and to determine if action needs to be taken to move the case forward.

Ben Armstrong’s actions are a result of the ongoing FTX lawsuit brought by Adam Moskowitz and his legal team against him and other crypto influencers. On March 16, Moskowitz and the case plaintiffs accused Armstrong and other influencers of promoting FTX without disclosing their compensation agreements.

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