Crypto Media Ranks Top 10 ERC20 Projects By Development Activity

  • Ethereum tops the list in development score with a $189B market capitalization.
  • Decentraland and Aragon experience significant price drops despite moderate development scores.

Generation Crypto Media’s CEO Ben GCrypto tweeted a list of the top 10 ERC20 projects in terms of development activity in the past 30 days. He was quoted saying, “According to such fundamentals like development activity, there are lots of good projects with moderate market cap.”

According to the image attached, Ethereum is on top of the list with a development score of 396 with a market capitalization worth $189 billion after suffering a 5.8% fall in its 30-day price change.

Status took the second position, recording 365 in terms of development activity. Moreover, it experienced a 14.3% downfall in its 30-day price change resulting in a total market cap worth $106 million.

Vega Protocol ranked third, followed by Decentraland in fourth position with a development score of 349 and 295, respectively. While Vega noted a market cap of $62 million after a positive 8.4% growth in its 30-day price change, Decentraland tanked down by 22.6%, ending up with $1.1 billion in market cap.

Meanwhile, Chainlink came fifth with a 279 development activity score and $3.3 billion worth of market cap after a 4.9% fall in the last 30 days. On the other hand, Lido DAO scored 174 in the development activity after an 18.6% pump on market capitalization worth $2.2 billion.

Aragon ranked sixth after scoring 164 in development activity. Moreover, it recorded a market cap worth $96 million post a massive drop of 22.5% in the last 30 days.

In addition, Uniswap acquired the eighth position recording a development activity score of 162, alongside a market capitalization worth $4.8 billion after an 11% fall in 30 days.

Lastly, Audius and Balancer secured the ninth and tenth positions with a development activity score of 159 and 141, respectively. Simultaneously, Audius recorded $268 million in market cap, while Balancer witnessed $254 million.

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