Crypto Researcher Exposes OPNX Marketer’s Manipulative Behavior

  • The direct message accuses the OPNX marketer of trying to eliminate LUNC, manipulate the community, and bring down exchanges.
  • The cryptocurrency researcher exposes disturbing tweets from the OPNX marketer’s personal Twitter account.

FatManTerra, a prominent figure in the cryptocurrency community, has received a startling direct message from a user claiming to be part of the LUNC Community about the individual behind the OPNX marketing account. The message FatManTerra shared with his followers claims that the OPNX marketer is a “complete psychopath” with deep connections to now-arrested Terraform Labs ex-CEO Do Kwon and a history of manipulative behavior.

According to the message, the OPNX marketer was paid to eliminate LUNC and has attempted to manipulate the community into dropping LUNC and buying Luna2. “The amount of manipulation attempted hijack/scam/fraud is horrific,” the message says.

The message also suggests that the marketer owns numerous validators and has tried to bring down Allnodes and CZ Binance, possibly to hijack LUNC. According to the source, “He had definitely been paid, possibly by DK [Do Kwon]. This is what Robin, Cephi, Ears, etc. all do for work & have been doing so for years.”

These accusations are further supported by FatManTerra’s claim that he has witnessed the marketer’s connections to Terra and Do Kwon first-hand and that he was responsible for much of the hype around “Terra Classic.” And in several ways, FatManTerra believes he is worse than even Su Zhu or Kyle Davies.

A few hours before he shared the direct message, FatManTerra revealed disturbing tweets from the OPNX marketer’s personal Twitter account that contain derogatory remarks towards single women over the age of 24, which is in stark contrast to OPNX’s recent claim of empowering women. “It makes their whole ‘empowering women’ schtick even funnier,” he captioned.

The Terra researcher is suggesting that the OPNX marketing guy is a “sociopath” who is manipulating the community and whose “views” are carefully manufactured to maximize profit.

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