DOGE Market Bears Regain Control: Potential Buying Opportunity?

  • Rising trade volume and positive sentiment suggest DOGE’s bullish potential.
  • Traders may find short-selling opportunities as DOGE’s bearishness grows.

Positive mood dominated the Dogecoin (DOGE) market early in the day, allowing the price to surge to a high of $0.08571. After resistance at the day’s high caused the price to retrace to $0.08132, where support was established, bears regained control of the DOGE market. The bears were still in charge of DOGE as of press time, triggering a 3.33% drop from the day’s high to $0.08176.

During the downturn, market capitalization fell by 3.30% to $11,355,178,152, while 24-hour trading volume increased by 11.96% to $548,639,708. This increase in trading activity shows that investors are actively buying and selling, maybe taking advantage of cheaper prices during the correction to join or exit holdings.

If the bearish trend continues, the next support levels to monitor if the 0.08132 support level is surpassed may be at 0.07798 and 0.07462, but if the market attitude turns and buyers recover control, the resistance levels to watch may be at 0.08654 and 0.09021.

The DOGE price chart’s Average Directional Index value of 20.98 indicates that negative momentum is weak, and the trend may stabilise. This ADX level gives traders wanting to start long positions on DOGE more confidence since it suggests that the market is not substantially moving in either direction and may provide profit possibilities.

The Balance of Power (BOP) rating of 0.29 and the upward movement indicate that bearish pressure is easing, and the bulls may soon regain control of the market, making it a potentially favourable moment to purchase DOGE.

This BOP trend is bolstered further by rising trade volume and favourable sentiment around DOGE, suggesting a potential change in market sentiment toward a more optimistic perspective.

DOGE/USD chart (source: TradingView)

The Rate of Change (ROC) on the 3-hour price chart has slipped below the “0” line into negative territory, with a value of -3.20. This movement indicates that DOGE’s bearishness is growing as the price decrease increases, and traders may look for possible short-selling opportunities.

With a value of 36.63, the Relative Strength Index is sliding below its signal line, adding to the negative picture. This RSI level indicates that DOGE has been oversold and may have a short-term rally, but the general trend remains negative until the RSI returns to above its signal line.

If the RSI does not recover and instead continues to fall, it may imply that DOGE has further negative potential in the near term.

DOGE/USD chart (source: TradingView)

DOGE shows resilience as it recovers from lows and gains investor interest, but caution is advised as it consolidates in a weak trend.

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