Frame Control to Confront Crypto Haters; Says YouTuber Richard Heart

  • Heart suggested that the best way is to frame control.
  • The YouTuber added that the negative comments should be countered by putting forward positive aspects.

The YouTuber and famous tweeter Richard Heart shared a series of tweets today on his official Twitter page explaining how to confront crypto haters who attack cryptocurrencies by spreading negative comments.  He stated that the best option is to “frame control” and to be deaf and dumb towards the evil comments.

Notably, on April 7, Richard Heart tweeted about the strategies that should be adopted to “win information wars”:

Significantly, he explained in simple terms that once the crypto aspirants come across the “evil team” that tries to degrade the crypto ecosystem, it is better to ignore them; instead, contemplate the positive aspects of the cryptocurrencies.

Interstingly, the YouTuber acknowledged Brian Armstrong, the CEO of the crypto exchange Coinbase, as “smart”, referring to his recent Twitter post showcasing crypto trade in Africa.

In the tweet, the Coinbase CEO requested the crypto traders in Africa to reply with a short video of fewer than 30 seconds or a photograph, promising a reward of $100 in crypto for the best participant.

Adding to his previous points, Richard Heart affirmed that the evil haters should be countered by highlighting positive aspects, quoting:

With everything bad said of you, you should say 10 things good, let them argue about the degree of good instead of having time to even think about bad.

Further, the tweeter pointed out that the victim should never blow “life into their [attackers] lies by linking them”. What he should engage in is spreading the positive empowering message, making the evil message die in obscurity.

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