FTM Insider Highlighted Some of the Major Ecosystem Developments

  • FTM’s price has dropped 2.09% over the last 24 hours according to CoinMarketCap.
  • The altcoin’s price has also weakened against the two crypto market leaders in the last 24 hours.

Yesterday, Fantom Insider (@fantom_insider), tweeted highlights of all of the events that took place within the Fantom (FTM) ecosystem over the last 72 hours.

The first highlight shared in the tweet was the completed integration of Time-Weighted Average Price (TWAP) swaps. With this integration complete, FTM investors will be able to leverage TWAP with the largest decentralized exchange (DEX) on the FTM network, the tweet stated.

The next highlight is the announcement that the first ever NFT arcade on blockchain from 8Play. Games will be coming soon on the Fantom blockchain. This will allow game fanatics to play a variety of arcade-style games exclusively on the Fantom blockchain.

Over the last 72 hours, the FTM ecosystem also celebrated Morphex’s integration with GMX – an on-chain derivatives trading platform, as well as the new fNFT marketplace feature which is now live on PaintSwap. This decentralized exchange offers support for all types of NFTs on the FTM network.

The partnership between Rubic, a cross-chain tech aggregator and ChangeNOW also made its way onto the highlight reel tweeted yesterday.

Lastly, projects participating in the beta round of Fantom & Gitcoin Grant Fundings are set to receive their distributions.

In related news, the price of FTM experienced a 2.09% 24-hour drop in price according to CoinMarketCap. As a result, the price of FTM stands at $0.5013 at press time.

In addition to weakening against the U.S. Dollar over the last 24 hours, FTM’s price also weakened against the two crypto market leaders, Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH), by 0.17% and 1.40% respectively.

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