FUR BALL Launches New Meme Coin With Poloniex Listing

  • The launch represents the second significant event in the project’s initial developmental phase.
  • Two days later, the FUR BALL team announced the FUR listing on Poloniex CEX.

FUR BALL launched its project on Wednesday, May 31, 2023, after raising over $500,000 in a presale program. The launch represents the second significant event in the project’s initial developmental phase. The first phase comprises the presale, launch, growth to at least 1,000 token holders, CoinGecko and CoinmarketCap listings, and heavy online marketing.

FUR BALL is a new meme coin project in the crypto industry that distinguishes itself with claims of originality. According to the project’s creators, FUR BALL aims to create a completely original meme coin that stands alone, unlike its predecessors. It further claims to offer a safe ecosystem supported by the veterans’ experience in running the project.

FUR BALL has reportedly partnered with several renowned names in the industry to play crucial roles in creating awareness for the project. The project’s lead marketer, Flur, invested almost 100 ETH in promoting FUR BALL. The goal is to make it the biggest marketing campaign for a meme coin the industry has ever experienced.

According to the project’s spokesperson, FUR BALL’s mission is to create a fun and exciting experience for investors while ensuring their financial security. He described FUR BALL as a project designed to bring joy and prosperity to crypto enthusiasts around the world.

FUR BALL’s official launch has generated significant attention among the crypto community. On Crypto Twitter, the project’s token ticker, FUR, ranked among the top trends. It also joined the list of most discussed projects on Dextools hours after the launch.

On Friday, June 2, the FUR BALL team followed up on the launch with a listing on the Poloniex centralized exchange (CEX). According to the team, the listing on Poloniex is just one of several that will happen soon. FUR BALL expects the CEX listings will provide the opportunity for the teeming crypto users interested in the project to easily access FUR with the hope of fulfilling their expectations.

FUR BALL is the latest meme coin project to launch on the Ethereum blockchain.

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