Influencer Addresses CoinFLEX CEO’s Allegations Against Roger Ver

  • “The OPNX co-founder is now begging for his money back on Twitter,” says FatMan from Terra Research.
  • However, Ver denies owing money and claims CoinFLEX owes him $200 million.

FatMan from the Terra Research Forum shared an image of CoinFLEX CEO Mark Lamb’s open letter to Bitcoin angel investor Roger Ver. The Terra researcher claimed he laughed out loud at the letter and said, “After giving Roger Ver unsecured credit using customer funds, the OPNX co-founder is now begging for his money back on Twitter.”

According to the announcement by CoinFLEX, their initial estimate of $47 million, which was communicated earlier, did not include the loss incurred from liquidating Roger Ver’s substantial FLEX Coin positions. Now that they have found a bid for that size, the liquidations resulted in a final deficit of $84 million for the account.

In response, FatmanTerra also added that the OPNX co-founder had plans to sell Roger’s debt as a token, and they were offering Roger free trading on their “illiquid bucket shop.” Alongside an image that read, “Everyone in the $LUNC community who could be saved has already left,” the Terra Research expert said:

The distinctive trying-to-emotionally-manipulate-but-actually-sounding-insincere-and-sociopathic writing style of the mentally ill Terra grifter “LUNCDAO” also shines through in this letter.

Moreover, the letter’s authenticity was called into question, and it was described as both nauseating and amusing.

FatManTerra also noted that according to court documents, Roger Ver denies owing any money to CoinFLEX and alleges that CoinFLEX actually owes him $200 million. Despite this, Mark Lamb has proposed tokenizing Roger’s debt and selling it to retail traders on OPNX, which has raised concerns.

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