Investigative Journalist Confirms CIA Interest in BTC’s Utopian Ideals

  • These statements went out on a Bankless podcast hosted by David Hoffman and Ryan Adams.
  • Military technology is the foundation” for cryptocurrency, according to Annie Jacobson.

Investigative journalist Annie Jacobson has confirmed that the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) would be interested in cryptocurrency because it promotes utopian ideals. During an appearance on the Bankless podcast, Jacobson highlighted the importance of intelligence agencies staying ahead of new technologies and potential threats.

Jacobson, who has covered topics related to intelligence, national security, government secrecy, and military technology, made the statement during a recent episode of the Bankless podcast hosted by David Hoffman and Ryan Adams. According to Jacobson, military technology is the foundation for cryptocurrency.

Jacobson’s comments on the podcast shed light on the potential interest that intelligence agencies such as the CIA may have in cryptocurrency. This interest is likely because the decentralized nature of cryptocurrency aligns with utopian ideals that seek to dismantle centralized power structures.

During her appearance on the Bankless podcast, Annie Jacobson also touched on the potential threat that groups promoting a version of utopia can pose to national security. With its decentralized nature and lack of oversight, she suggested that cryptocurrency could be used as a tool by such groups to fund their activities and further their agendas.

Jacobsen noted;

Any organization alleging utopian ideals is of incredible interest to the military and intelligence community.

She added that Bitcoin, and its campaign of a leaderless, trustless, permissionless utopian economic vision, would interest the CIA. Furthermore, she adds that other agencies such as DARPA, NSA, and the FBI are likely following suit.

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