“Killer Whales” Show Drops Famous Crypto Analyst as Judge Amid FTX Lawsuit

  • Armstrong attributed his dismissal to a “fraudulent FTX case” filed against him.
  • Bitboy Crypto questions the integrity of those involved in his dismissal.

In a surprising turn of events, famous crypto analyst Ben Armstrong, widely known as Bitboy Crypto, recently announced on Twitter that he has been kicked off the upcoming Web3 television show “Killer Whales.” In a series of tweets, Armstrong revealed that his dismissal directly resulted from a “fraudulent FTX case” against him while also questioning the integrity of those involved.

Just a few weeks after the company behind the show Hello Labs announced Armstrong as one of the judges of Killer Whales, the Bitboy Crypto shared two screenshots of a letter from Paul Caslin, the founder of Hello Labs. The letter explained that due to the ongoing FTX lawsuit and compliance checks, concerns were raised by mainstream partners and TV networks about featuring Armstrong.

Caslin continued with an offering to discuss the situation and expressed his desire to prepare a statement citing “a scheduling conflict” to minimize any negative reception. In response, Armstrong said,

You see unlike these people, I HAVE integrity. Notice how quickly they are willing to lie to you about what happened.

Armstrong stated his intention to pursue legal action against Adam Moskowitz, the lawyer representing the FTX lawsuit. He implies that his removal from the case would expose the truth and make those who doubted him regret their decisions. He also asserted that he had saved numerous individuals from FTX and expressed disappointment with “Killer Whales,” dismissing it as a “loser show.”

Since mid-March, Armstrong has been vocal about his disdain for the FTX lawsuit and Moskowitz, consistently asserting that the claims are built on falsehoods. His animosity towards Moskowitz has grown, with threats to have the lawyer’s license revoked.

“Killer Whales,” the new competition show, is a collaboration between CoinMarketCap and Hello Labs. The program provides a platform for entrepreneurs to pitch their projects to a panel of judges consisting of influential figures from the world of entrepreneurship, Web3 companies, and crypto influencers, with Armstrong originally being one of them.

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