KuCoin Confirms Wallet Identity of User Behind Multiple Rug Pulls

  • Coingurruu alerted the public about a wallet that launched thousands of memecoins over two years.
  • A KuCoin community member accused KuCoin of being behind the multiple rug pulls.

KuCoin exchange has confirmed that the crypto wallet responsible for thousands of rug pulls on its platform belongs to one of its users. The crypto exchange confirmed the information after a community member accused it of owning and controlling the same wallet.

On April 26, a KuCoin community member alerted the public about a wallet that launched between two to five memecoins daily for two years. The user who identifies as CoinGurruu on Twitter warned other users to be wary of the address and ensure that they label it on Etherscan.

Another KuCoin community member identifying as James Edwards on Twitter accused KuCoin of being behind the malpractice. Edwards referred to CoinGurruu’s tweet and informed the public that Etherscan already flagged the wallet address, marking it as “Fake_Phishing179336.”

According to reports, KuCoin has denied ownership and control of the wallet. However, it confirmed that it belongs to a user on its platform. KuCoin’s CEO Johnny Lyu said while the address has been confirmed to belong to a user on their platform, the exchange will not freeze the account until it receives clearance from the relevant authorities. Lyu said:

When the reporting party has provided relevant legal documents, procedures, or reporting records, we will assist and cooperate with law enforcement agencies to take temporary risk control measures following complaints and reports, user agreements, and Seychelles laws.

In addition, the KuCoin exchange encouraged users to report infractions to the appropriate authorities whenever there is suspicion. The crypto exchange also implored users to submit all relevant materials to its team under such scenarios, noting its willingness to cooperate with investigations as soon as it receives relevant documents.

KuCoin has endured a challenging week that also saw its Twitter account compromised. The impostor used the exchange’s official Twitter to post misleading information, resulting in some of KuCoin’s followers losing their assets. KuCoin has since recovered the account and promised to reimburse those affected by the hack.

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