KuCoin Launches New Investment Product and Two Events in Commemoration

  • To celebrate the product’s launch, KuCoin Pool launched two different events to reward users.
  • Furthermore, KuCoin Pool announced that it was actively recruiting members to join its exclusive mining club.

Leading Crypto Mining Platform KuCoin Pool has launched a new investment product: Mining Savings. It is a tailored fixed-income investment product catered for miners. Furthermore, KuCoin Pool offered two events in celebration of the Mining Savings launch.

In detail, Mining Savings helps miners achieve steady asset growth. It will offer a maximum annual percentage of up to 3% with investment terms including 30, 60, 90, and 180 days to meet the diverse needs of users. The program is only available to users with a UID account’s BTC real-time hashrate of at least 10PH/s and a minimum investment amount of 5 BTC.

KuCoin Pool has offered two events to celebrate the Mining Savings launch. These include limited-time interest-rate coupons and quiz activities.

The first event is ‘Rate-Up Coupons Boost Earnings’ from May 8, 2023, to May 15, 2023 (UTC). Users can receive Kucoin Pool rate-up coupons when they successfully subscribe to Mining Savings products. These coupons can allow users to earn extra profits during the rate-up period and will be automatically activated with the products upon successful subscription by users. KuCoin Pool will provide users with different rate-up coupons based on the investment terms.

Meanwhile, ‘Take The Mining Savings Quiz to Win a Share of $200’ is the second event from May 8 to May 14, 2023 (UTC). 20 users who complete the quiz will be randomly selected to win a share of $200. Users must join the official KuCoin Pool Telegram community to take the quiz.

KuCoin Pool also announced that it was actively recruiting members to join its exclusive mining club. KuCoin Pool is searching for Bitcoin miners with a hashrate of over 200 PHs, a comprehensive mining farm monitoring system, and a professional O&M team. Recruited miners will gain access to KuCoin Pool’s cloud mining program and to KuCoin’s ecosystem services and VIP benefits.

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