Do Kwon’s Passport Has Become Fatal for his Arrest; Report Says

  • The analyst referred to DLNews’ post that explains the interview with Haris Sabotic.
  • Sabotic told that two wanted Koreans were caught on suspicion of using false Costa Rican passports.

The crypto analyst FatMan pointed out, referring to the post of the crypto analytic platform DLNews, that Do Kwon, the co-founder of the fallen crypto firm Terra Labs, has been caught by the police recently only because of the “horrible job” of the person who made him the fake passport.

Notably, on April 2, FatMan shared a Twitter post, commenting that Do Kwon has been caught not because “he was recognized” or was “flagged in the database”, but because “whoever made his fake passport did a horrible job”:

Subsequent to Kwon’s arrest on March 23, DLNews released a post describing the impact of the fake passport that became fatal. The analytic platform narrated an interview with the Montenegro prosecutor Haris Sabotic, who told that both Kwon and his accomplice Han Chang-joon, were suspected to be in Montenegro days before their arrest.

In addition, DLNews stated that Sabotic explained the role of their passports in their arrest, quoting:

In the interview, Šabotić revealed that the trigger for the arrest of these two men was not the Interpol Red Notice, but a border guard’s suspicions over the legitimacy of Kwon and Han’s passports.

Interestingly, Sabotic added that he received a call on March 23 from the police informing him that “two wanted Korean citizens” were arrested at the Podgorica Airport “on suspicion of using false Costa Rican passports”.

Further, Dusko Milanovic, the Head of the State Prosecution Office asserted that the passport was the “alarm” for the police, adding:

Those passports were suspicious and that was the alarm for the police. After that, we got a notification that the person arrested is wanted by Interpol.

It is interesting to note that FatMan’s tweet received a lot of comments, sharing their gratitude to the person who had done a “horrible job” for the fake passport.

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