Lady Ape Club Launches LAC Rewards With Native Token Airdrop

  • Furthermore, the trending NFT collection has already begun airdrop of LAC tokens for its users from May 22 onwards.
  • Eligible users will need to hold Lady Ape Club NFTs, Baby Ape NFTs, and DNA to claim the LAC token airdrop.

On May 22, trending NFT collection Lady Ape Club (LAC) announced the launch of its native LAC token. Out of the total supply of the native token, 45% will be airdropped to eligible users through the LAC Shop. Users will be eligible to receive the tokens if they hold Lady Ape Club NFTs, Baby Ape NFTs, and DNA.

According to reports, upon securing the position of the top selling NFT, LAC wanted to celebrate the success with their users. As an act of thanking the users for their continuous support, these native tokens will be airdropped to the holders of Lady Ape Club, Baby Ape, and DNA into their Aladdin Pro Wallet.

According to LAC, Lady Ape Club NFT holders will be eligible to receive 1500 LAC tokens; if they held NFTs of both Lady Ape Club and Baby Ape Club, they would be eligible to receive 2500 LAC tokens; and finally for the users who hit the trifecta, holding all three — Lady Ape Club NFT, Baby Ape NFT, and DNA — would be eligible to receive 4000 LAC tokens.

To claim the airdrop, users must visit the Lady Ape Club’s newly launched LAC Shop. The LAC Shop is a portal where users can order merchandise such as shirts and hats, and use their Lady Ape Club or Baby Ape NFTs as designs. Users must sign up to the LAC Shop using their previously registered STRMNFT email address.

LAC says it aimed to make the claiming process convenient while still being secure. Eligible users must use the Aladdin Pro wallet before claiming their airdrop. When claiming their LAC airdrop, a verification will be sent to the eligible holders’ registered Aladdin Pro wallet email address. Afterward, the transaction will be verified by the Lady Ape Club administration team.

Staying in-tune with their brand qualities, LAC has also released a help guide for their users to help smooth the reward claiming process.The manual has a step-by-step instructional format to guide its users through the reward claiming process.


LAC also shared a breakdown of its tokenomics. 45% of their native LAC tokens will be channeled towards LAC and BAC airdrop, 15% will be used in TNC Art, 13% will be offered to the early adopters and supporters of the LAC NFT community, 7% will be given to LAC founders, 10% will be directed to donations, and 10% will be used in ecosystem marketing.

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