LADYS Whales Exposed: 20.3% Of Supply Held by Few, Shows Firm

  • According to the post, three wallet addresses have been blacklisted for suspicious activities.
  • Meanwhile, the latest transfer by DWF Labs to Binance may be more than just market-making at play.

The blockchain tracking firm Lookonchain published a Twitter thread this morning covering some of the top holders of Milady Meme Coin (LADYS). According to the tweets, these whales collectively hold 180 trillion LADYS, which is around 20.3% of the supply. In addition, Lookonchain shared that DWF Labs holds approximately 3.5% of the total supply.

Of these 10 addresses, a couple of holders stand out for their recent activity. The top 3 wallet addresses were blacklisted by LADYS recently. One of the addresses, 0xAf23, had also been blacklisted by Pepe (PEPE). The holder was, however, able to sell most of his tokens for a profit of 52 ETH, worth around $97K, before the restrictions were imposed.

Lookonchain then went on to suggest that the remaining two blacklisted addresses could have been insider traders. The first address, 0x44F9, had purchased only LADYS using 9.78 Ethereum (ETH). Meanwhile, a second address, 0x3c7A, had withdrawn 10.89 ETH from Binance and only purchased LADYS as well.

The largest non-exchange holder, DWF Labs, holds approximately 30.7 trillion LADYS in two addresses. One of the addresses, 0xd4b6, had transferred 2.2 trillion LADYS to exchanges when the meme coin’s price was at its peak. Although this could suggest that they wanted to sell some of their holdings, DWF stated that the transfer was for market-making purposes.

The whale that profited most from LADYS recently was the address 0x53e6, which had purchased 8.02 trillion LADYS using 2.42 ETH. This whale had turned $4,526 into $1.18 million, which is a remarkable 216x gain.

At press time, CoinMarketCap indicated that the meme coin’s price stood at $0.0000001361 after gaining 48.53% in the previous 24 hours. In addition to strengthening against the dollar recently, LADYS also outperformed Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) by 45.75% and 47.06% respectively during this period.

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