Ex-Lawyer Called Out for his Coinbase Comment, Deaton Shows Support

  • In the tweet thread, he also spoke about being called out for his comment on Coinbase.
  • John E Deaton responded, showing appreciation for the ex-lawyer’s support.

An ex-lawyer who goes by the Twitter name exlawyer.eth/tez spoke about how he was rightfully called out in the comment section of his recent tweet about Coinbase. The ex-lawyer recently commented on the controversial Coinbase email, stating that the newsletter about Pepe Coin was “dumb”.  He argued that the #cancelcoinbase trend is stupidity, however, and asked the community to stop it.

The ex-lawyer said that the crypto community needs Coinbase, as the team there is doing more to fight the SEC for the right to crypto usage than everyone else combined. However, scrolling down in the comment section of his tweet revealed that not everyone agreed with his statement.

He put out a tweet stating that he was called out for his comment and mentioned how the original tweet draft was:

[theteamthereisdoingmoretofighttheSEC&governmentthanALMOSTeveryoneelse”[email protected]@Ripple&@s_alderotyfortheincredibleworkthey’vedone[theteamthereisdoingmoretofighttheSEC&governmentthanALMOSTeveryoneelse”[email protected]@Ripple&@s_alderotyfortheincredibleworkthey’vedone

The tweet caught the attention of CryptoLaw founder John E Deaton, who conveyed his appreciation for the ex-lawyers support.

Deaton has been an avid supporter of the XRP community. He recently spoke proudly of the XRP holders, stating that they were the first to call out the gross overreach by the SEC. Deaton also mentioned that even if the government’s overreach is against a project that users dislike, they must stand against the government.

The Ripple vs. SEC case has raised the voices of various crypto supporters and lawyers. Bill Morgan, a vocal crypto lawyer, shared an extract from the Paradigm Amicus Brief in support of Coinbase’s Mandamus petition.

The extract reads that under the present scenario, the SEC demands digital asset trading platforms register while refusing to provide a path for doing so and also brings enforcement actions against companies that are not registered. Morgan stated that these actions are not the rule of law but a bureaucratic whim.

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