LDO Tops WhaleStats’ Ranking Shortly After VANOM Update

  • The number of active node operators on Lido increased in Q4 2022.
  • Recent onboarding and community discussions are behind the noticeable improvements on the Lido network.

The online platform that tracks the top whales on the Ethereum network, WhaleStats, announced that LDO, the governance token of Lido Finance, the liquid staking solution, has climbed to the top 10 purchased tokens among the 500 biggest ETH whales.

WhaleStats’ latest announcement covers a 24-hour period when Lido Finance released its latest update on VANOM, the validator, and node operator metrics.

According to Lido Finance, there was an increase in the number of active node operators on the platform in Q4 2022. Two more operators, in the name of Prysm Ethereum Client, and AttestantBVI, joined the ranks of node operators with active validators on the Lido mainnet. That brings the number of node operators to 29, two more than in Q3.

In a tweet, Lido Finance noted that recent onboarding and community discussions are behind the noticeable improvements on the network, the evidence of which lies in the decreasing number in the share of Lido validators running on the public cloud.

WhaleStats tracks up to 5,000 of the large wallets containing Ethereum-based tokens. Those wallets are worth over $12 million, holding about 6,881 ETH, 7 other digital tokens, and 1 NFT. The platform also provides tools for analyzing Ethereum-related tokens trading in the cryptocurrency market.

Another tool provided by WhaleStats is the Whale Fear and Greed index, which suggests that the Ethereum market is currently in an “extreme greed” condition. Additionally, the platform reveals a balance between ETH whale buyers and sellers, while the ETH buy volume is slightly higher than the sell volume.

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