Michael Saylor Discusses about Bitcoin’s Superiority at Bitcoin Conference 2023

  • Saylor spoke about the growth of interest in Bitcoin and Lightning apps.
  • The Bitcoin Conference 2023 took place from May 18-20 in Miami.

MicroStrategy founder Michael Saylor addresses Bitcoin’s superiority at the Bitcoin Conference 2023 held in Miami. Saylor sat down with investor Bill Miller to talk about various things, including the growing interest in Bitcoin and Lightning apps.

Saylor stated that:

I wanna create something so simple in its essence that there aren’t many moving parts left to break and yet its so powerful in its promise that everybody in the world are going to benefit from it is what makes Bitcoin special.

According to MicroStrategy’s founder, Bitcoin is the ultimate conservative thing, emphasizing its safety and security. Saylor expressed his concerns about the current global realm, where trusting data and networks is increasingly difficult. When discussing Bitcoin’s safety, he highlighted its resistance to being spoofed, hacked, or tricked, with no possible way to cut through it. Furthermore, Saylor emphasized that Satoshi, the creator of Bitcoin, designed the safest database and the most secure network.

In a world where security is a top priority, Saylor urged people to seek the most secure network or resource on Earth. He stated that this resource is not gold or anything that can be created now, but rather Bitcoin.

During his discussion, Saylor touched upon several key points. Firstly, he addressed the growing skepticism surrounding cryptocurrencies, emphasizing that Bitcoin, in particular, stands out as a commodity that lacks a central issuer.

Saylor then highlighted an intriguing perspective, suggesting that the collapses of entities such as FTX, DeFi exchanges, crypto assets, and crypto exchanges have had a positive impact on Bitcoin as a whole. According to Saylor, Bitcoin is not only the most promising crypto network globally but also a resilient force that is here to stay.

When delving into MicroStrategy’s integration of Bitcoin into its operations, Saylor expressed his belief in Bitcoin’s ability to rectify profit and loss (PnL) issues and enhance overall product quality. In essence, he sees Bitcoin as a potential solution that can bring improvements to MicroStrategy’s financial standing and product offerings.

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