NFTs Play a Vibrant Role in Cardano’s Progression; Says Founder

  • Hoskinson added that a majority of Cardano’s projects are NFT-related.
  • The Cardano founder told that the platform is reaching Marlow to study more about the functioning of NFTs.

Charles Hoskinson, the founder of the leading public blockchain platform Cardano, commented on the “vibrant” influence of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on the progress of Cardano. During a podcast “Chaz and Gingersnaps Episode 1: Tragically Hip” with Tamara Haasen, the President of the technology company Input Output Global (IOG), Hoskinson asserted that NFTs were “the most vibrant part of Cardano at the moment”.

Notably, on March 6, Hoskinson talked about the progress of the ecosystem in which NFTs have played a major role, adding that most of Cardano’s projects are NFT-related.

He stated:

The thing about NFTs in Cardano is, it is the most vibrant part of Cardano at the moment. It’s [NFTs] the fastest moving- 8 million assets have been issued. I think more than half the projects are in some NFT-related, and it’s just exciting to see that level of durability, resilience, passion, and excitement.

In January 2023, Hoskinson updated his profile picture on his official Twitter account with a screenshot of a Cardano NFT featuring a drawing of himself, which seems to be evidence to prove his preference for NFTs.

Additionally, in the podcast, Hoskinson pictured the blockchain’s interest in reaching the domain-specific language (DSL), Marlowe for NFTs. The effort is an initiative to “make it a turnkey low-code, no-code solution to issue NFTs or at least program out the logic of how NFTs work”.

Further, the Cardano founder affirmed that the team behind the identity and credential solution built on the blockchain, the Atala PRISM, has been assisting the company in its endeavor to progress with NFTs. He added that their efforts have already been started and was trying to put identity with NFTs.

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