NMKR Founder States NFTs Are Solution to Some of World’s Issues

  • The founder stated that the crypto market has lost sight of what’s really important in the crypto space.
  • Tobler concluded his tweet by saying that NFTs will play a big role in tackling some of the world’s problems.

The founder of NMKR, Patrick Tobler (@Padierfind), shared a recent video by Cardano’s Charles Hoskinson in a tweet this morning. In the tweet, Tobler stated that the recent video by Hoskinson served as a reminder for him as to why he joined the Cardano (ADA) ecosystem.

Tobler stated that he joined the Cardano ecosystem because he believed in its power to “level the playing field for everyone,“ and mentioned the high levels of inclusivity native to the Cardano ecosystem.

The tech leader’s tweet went on to say that the majority of founders and crypto enthusiasts get side-tracked when it comes to what is really important. What’s important, according to him, is not “the daily shenanigans of weird shitcoins, the latest ape NFT drop, profitability, increasing a project’s runway or talking to investors.”

Tobler stated that solving real problems for real humans is what should be the primary focus within the crypto space. The founder shared that he believes there have been too many speculative bubbles in the Web3 space which have overshadowed the fundamentals of crypto.

According to him, the most used dApp across all blockchains has less than 1.5 million active users a month. Tobler added that this statistic is a joke and is proof to him that members of the crypto space who are set on solving some of the world’s problems through decentralized technology have yet to achieve their goal.

Tobler concluded his tweet by saying that he believes NFTs will play a major role in addressing some of the issues Web3 technology was originally created to solve. However, in order for this to become a reality, the crypto market needs to decouple from the purely speculative bubbles and “finally focus on the use cases that really matter.”

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