Odasea Labs to Launch AniME NFT Collections to Mint

  • The company will launch 10,000 unique AniME NFTs inspired by the world of anime.
  • According to Odasea Labs, the AniME NFT collection was designed by a top-notch NFT designer.

Odasea Labs has just made an exciting announcement on Twitter that has piqued the interest of many in the NFT community. Earlier today, the company revealed they would launch their newest collection of AniME NFTs, which will be minted on May 31 at a mint price of .07 ETH each. The collection will consist of 10,000 unique and exclusive digital artworks inspired by the world of anime.

At the core of Odasea’s innovation is their AniME technology, which offers users limitless possibilities to design distinctive NFTs. With AniME, users can create unique NFTs based on their favorite anime characters, complete with customizable physical traits and accessories. The fully rendered 3D AniME character provides users with a truly immersive experience, allowing them to see their character from all angles and in stunning detail.

Odasea’s AniME NFT project empowers users to build and collect NFTs to experience Metaverse settings, gaming, and augmented reality environments. This launch is among the most highly anticipated in the NFT community, and early adopters eagerly await the May 31 minting date.

According to Odasea Labs, their new AniME NFT collection was designed by a top-notch NFT designer, ensuring that buyers will receive high-quality digital art pieces they will treasure for years. The AniME NFTs will be stored on the Ethereum blockchain, ensuring they are secure, decentralized, and easily transferable.

Odasea Labs has been generating buzz in the NFT community since early February when it first announced the upcoming launch of its AniME NFTs. The company’s focus on anime and manga, combined with its use of blockchain technology, has made it one of the year’s most eagerly anticipated NFT launches.

With the May 31 launch date just seven weeks away, the NFT community is excitedly awaiting the opportunity to mint their own AniME NFTs and experience the immersive world of AniME.

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