“Oranges Are Becoming SEC’s Target,” Tweets Crypto Influencer

  • The tweet is a reaction to the SEC’s latest move to sue the company over the stablecoin.
  • “SEC’s next target is oranges,” tweets Armstrong.

Crypto influencer Ben Armstrong takes a jab at the SEC’s recent actions in his latest tweet. In particular, he is citing SEC’s lawsuit against Binance stablecoin BUSD.

Wrapping his discontent in humor, Armstrong is seen mocking the SEC for their irrational action against the stablecoin Binance BUSD. Armstrong says, “The SEC is considering going after Bitcoin because the price sometimes goes up and sometimes goes down.” He continues:

Sources are saying oranges are also becoming a high level target for the SEC because the BTC logo kind of looks like an orange if you squint.

Ever since last November with the downfall of FTX, the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) and Officer of Comptroller Currency (OCC) have been causing a ripple effect of bringing down firms in the crypto market left and right.

The SEC has kept banks, crypto organizations, and companies in the US crypto market such as Signature Bank, SoFi, Goldman Sachs, and JP Morgan under scrutiny, all at the same time.

The SEC has also shaken the cryptocurrency space by suing exchanges like Ripple, Kraken, and Coinbase —  all based on the one argument that the tokens should have been listed under securities. The SEC claimed that the firms which did not list their tokens under securities did not follow the SEC guidelines that are meant to protect the investors, and hence, should be fined.

Although the crypto community were skeptical about the SEC’s actions, the final nail to the coffin on SEC’s trustworthiness was when they sued the stablecoin Binance — on the same argument that it should have been listed as a security.

In an earlier tweet, Armstrong had put out a theory that the SEC and OCC had coordinated an attack against the stablecoin BUSD for world currency domination of USDC all the while. Through his tweet, Armstrong maintains that the SEC is willing to move anything and everything that stands in the way of the USDC ruling the crypto market and ridicules them for it.

Many of his followers are also seen to be sharing his sentiments and are joining in on the joke. Some have also applauded him for his wit.

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